Thursday, August 16, 2012

Vince's first Rockies game

if you know me you know i love baseball. I love baseball so much I was actually a rangers fan in 2009.

so taking Vince to his first Rockies game was a momentous occasion for Dominick and I.

I'm not sure Vince grasped the importance.

but he was a champ, slept the whole way to the game (about 1hr. drive), was awake and happy for the whole game and is now sleeping on the car ride home.
we cheered, we sang "take me out to the ballpark," the Rockies had one home run and won 5-3. it was a wonderful night.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

ode to Vince, the travel trooper

as I previously blogged we were recently on vacation with Dominick's family. while being on vacation we received the sad news that Dominick's grandmother had passed away.

She was a neat lady with a bit of an edge. she could be relied on for a smart or sarcastic remark. I liked her immediately. even though she never got the chance to meet my son she loved him and provided him with his first Texas rangers apparel. she will be missed.
what this meant for us is that in addition to grieving on Saturday we would leave created butte and make the 5 hour drive home then fly to Houston sunday morning. the thought of all I this on Saturday morning made me nervous to say the least. traveling with a 3 month old is not something I would put on the list of stress relieving activities. but as we are on our final leg tonight, the drive from Denver airport to our home about an hour away my son is sleeping peacefully in his car seat. Vince has been off any routine, passed around by loving relatives eager to hold him and on two plane rides in a 60hr. period.
and he has been. a. champ.
so chill, so calm and we are so thankful. he has slept when we wanted him to and been awake and happy the rest of the time. we want to buy him ice cream or some sort of reward. how do you reward someone who doesn't understand the concept of rewards?
anyway, for the time being we will just remain thankful.
sleeping on the road

sleeping on the plane

riding the tram to baggage claim

finally home

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Vince's First Summer

In Vince's first summer alive he has already done so much. he and I went to TX to visit family and friends.
we started off in Keller where we got together with some of my friends from high school and youth group.
as you can see from the picture we've all been having babies lately...

this living room was baby crazy.
then we got together with some of my favorite ladies who have spent a lot of time loving me and investing in me and who I am so grateful for.

there are many more people I would've loved to have seen but my dad was ready for Vince to be at his house so we headed to east Texas.
as you can see Vince didn't get much attention at my rents house.

grams and lar bear

uncle luke and aunt Ashley
lots of family came to visit so Vince got to meet a lot of cousins.

and his great grandmother

and his great great aunt

Vince like farm life

since being back we celebrated 4th of July

he was pumped.
then we went to crested butte with dominick's family for vacation. and again Vince was starved for attention.
Vince and Nana

Vince and his great grandmother

Vince and his namesake

Vince and aunt Kay

Vince and uncle TJ

we had a very nice vacation

lots of front porch time.

Vince's first hike. (it did not go great but he was sleepy, we will try again)

dominick and his dad planning a long hike

Mary Kathryn and I enjoying some hot dogs.

Dominick took a pic of how my hot dog looked like a thumb

YouTube Video

Vince thought his paw paw was funny.
we had a very nice time and with the grandparents watching Vince Dominick and I were able to get away for some mountain biking and a drink with MK and TJ.
hope you all are enjoying your summer!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

pretty, pretty nice little Saturday

Vince woke up happy and we had a chill morning with him.

we ran some errands then we grilles out in the backyard.

grilled salmon, veggies and cold beer = delish din din

now watching a movie and leaving all the dishes for future Dom and Chelsea to worry about. seems like a solid plan.

hope you all had a nice weekend as well.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

summer '12

our outdoor activities have been a little limited this summer due to the newest member of our family but we are still having some fun.

Luke and Ashley came for a visit. They loved Vince...obviously and he loved them too.

we went to a local brewery

Luke did a lot of fishing while he was here and we enjoyed grilling and eating his catch.

Cody came for a visit while Luke and Ashley were here.

Today is Dominick's first Father's Day. Vince was a champ while we went to church, out to lunch and to meet some friends at another local brewery.

Dom kind of LOVES being a dad

they kind of look alike huh?

and just for our records, a few more pics of my cute kid.

he loves to nuzzle and I love to be nuzzled so it works out well. :)

hope you are all doing well!